VISMED Very Comfortable For Patients

VISMED Eye Drops are great for uncomfortable eyes

Pooja is an Optometrist at the Kensington Eye Centre in London. She likes to recommend VISMED® to her dry eye patients because "it's preservative-free ... and very comfortable for the patient".

Pooja at work in the eye centre.

Pooja: "Dry Eye is a sufficient lack of lubrication. I think one of the simplest ways to explain it is: it's a lack of tears in the eye. And it can cause various symptoms, from burning, itching, grittiness, and even watery eye. And these symptoms can be from mild to very severe, impacting obviously on the patients' daily lives. 

What we find is, if you add preservatives to an already irritated eye, then that can cause problems for the patient. VISMED® is fantastic, it's preservative-free, and it's aqueous based, so it's very comfortable for the patient."

You can watch Pooja in a video on YouTube here:

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