ArthroZheal information

The Vivostat Processor Unit and Applicator Unit
The Vivostat® System:
Processor Unit and Applicator Unit


ArthroZheal® refines arthroscopic surgical procedures, delivering superior outcomes for patients, and optimising the surgeon’s capacity to repair and replace compromised tissue. The unique polymeric bioactive matrix seals, heals, and regenerates articular architecture such as cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. 

ArthroZheal® improves patient outcomes by promoting quicker recovery, with lower rates of re-rupture and subsequent surgical intervention1.

ArthroZheal® is an autologous, biocompatible and bioactive  matrix which promotes and accelerates the regeneration of tissue such as cartilage, meniscus, tendons, ligaments etc.

The Vivostat® System is the first and only system for on-site preparation and application of the fully autologous bioactive matrix – ArthroZheal®

  • The Vivostat® Processor Unit automatically prepares the bioactive matrix from 120 mL of the patient’s own blood
  • ArthroZheal® is easily applied using the Vivostat® Applicator Unit in conjunction with the arthroscopic handle, specifically designed with, and for, orthopaedic surgeons. 
    Furthermore, the Vivostat® Co-Delivery System allows for simultaneous delivery of BMAC, stem cells, chondrocytes, and even medications, e.g., antibiotics, with the ArthroZheal®

ArthroZheal® improves sealing,
healing and tissue regeneration
both during, and following,
orthopaedic surgery 1-5


ArthroZheal® is characterised by immediate polymerisation and excellent adhesion-remaining in situ wherever it is applied, even on vertical and moist surfaces. It acts as an easily deployed and topically stable medium, supporting graft positioning and retention. ArthroZheal® also acts as a hemostat, reducing the risk of hemarthrosis and infection.1,3,4

ArthroZheal® provides reliable,
pliant tissue sealing
and hemostasis. 

Utilising a bioactive fibrin matrix, rich in growth factors, Arthro
Zheal® regenerates cartilage, meniscus, tendons, ligaments and bone, improving osteo-integration, osteo-ligamentous assimilation and graft maturation. With its sustained release of growth factors, ArthroZheal® improves healing of vascular and avascular structures and decreases re-rupture rates.1,2,5

ArthroZheal® promotes
regeneration and healing
of ligaments, tendons, 
meniscus, cartilage,
and bone.

Zheal® is easy to apply – even in a fluid environment, and can be used during arthroscopy without evacuating the irrigation medium. The arthroscopic handle has been specifically designed with, and for, Orthopaedic surgeons.

ArthroZheal® is easy to apply
during arthroscopy, even in the
presence of irrigation fluid.


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