Tendon Injections

OSTENIL® TENDON - for painful tendinopathy

OSTENIL® TENDON was developed to treat pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders caused, for example, by overuse or inappropriate biomechanical stress. It is highly concentrated sodium hyaluronate (2%).
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How does OSTENIL® TENDON work?

The lubricating characteristics of sodium hyaluronate increase tendon gliding and reduce agglutinations (stickiness). The tendon can work again as if well-oiled. Furthermore, sodium hyaluronate blocks pain receptors, hinders inflammatory mediators, and is a good transport medium for nutrients. 

OSTENIL® TENDON ensures a harmonisation of the tendons and the surrounding structures, reduces pain and increases joint function.

How is OSTENIL® TENDON administered?

The treatment itself takes very little time. Your doctor will give you an injection into the area around the most damaged part of the affected tendon, usually employing some form of visual guidance equipment such as Ultra-Sound, which helps ensure the injection is placed correctly. In the case of tendons within a tendon sheath, he will inject OSTENIL® TENDON into the tendon sheath itself. In either case, the lubricant will be distributed through natural movement along the entire tendon.

A repeat injection, normally given a week after the first, may be required in more established and persistent tendon disease.

What can you expect from treatment with OSTENIL® TENDON?

In studies done in Germany the treatment scheme described above has proved to be effective and safe. In most cases, there is a quick and longlasting improvement of joint function. Several tendons may be treated at the same time. If symptoms return the treatment can be repeated.