Recovery Accelerated

VISCOSEAL® accelerates post-arthroscopic recovery

General pain relief

In a clinical study of patients who underwent knee arthroscopy, those treated with VISCOSEAL® reported a significant reduction in pain, measured on the 100 mm visual analogue scale (VAS), compared with those who underwent the standard procedure with saline lavage only. The improvement was significant 1 week after surgery (p <0.01) and was maintained for at least 1 month.41

Post-surgery, VISCOSEAL® reduces pain on the VAS  compared to the standard procedure41  

Pain relief and functional improvement

VISCOSEAL® confers advantages over anaesthetic (bupivacaine) 3-6 weeks after arthroscopy.42 In a randomised study, patients undergoing arthroscopy received 10 mL of bupivacaine 0.5% or VISCOSEAL® following surgery. Patients who received VISCOSEAL® had significantly less pain measured on the VAS, required significantly less analgesia and had a significant improvement in function demonstrated by a larger decrease in WOMAC score (p ≤0.05) than patients who received bupivacaine.

VISCOSEAL® reduces pain on weight bearing according to the 10cm VAS compared with bupivacaine42

Post-arthroscopy, VISCOSEAL® reduces the need for analgesics compared with bupivacaine42

Post-arthroscopy, VISCOSEAL® reduces the mean WOMAC score compared with bupivacaine42

Reduction in joint swelling

In another study involving patients who underwent arthroscopic partial meniscectomy and joint lavage, there was markedly less swelling in the joints of  patients who received VISCOSEAL® (n = 20), compared with those who did not (n = 20). This reduction in the severity of swelling remained apparent at day 28.43

VISCOSEAL® reduces post-arthroscopic swelling compared with controls43

Effective in aiding recovery

In the same study, patients treated with VISCOSEAL® were more satisfied with their treatment than patients who underwent standard arthroscopy. Patients rated global efficacy over 1 month. At each time point, more patients in the VISCOSEAL® arm rated efficacy as optimum/good than in the control arm.43

Following arthroscopy, the percentage of patients who rated global efficacy as optimum or good was higher among the VISCOSEAL® group than among the control group 43