Benefits of SH injections

Effect of Sodium Hyaluronate Injections 

What happens in the synovial joint after an injection with sodium hyaluronate?

Knee joint restored after sodium hyaluronate injection
  1. An injection of sodium hyaluronate increases the viscosity of the synovial fluid, restoring its lubricating, shock-absorbing and filtering properties.*
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  2. In addition, it re-establishes the protective coating of hyaluronan over the inner surface of the joint and increases the scavenging of free radicals.*
  3. As a result of these changes, sodium hyaluronate reduces inflammation of the synovial membrane.* 

The direct effects of exogenous hyaluronan (i.e. injections of artificial sodium hyaluronate) cannot account for its long-term benefits, as it is cleared from the joint within a few days. It appears that, through its direct effects, exogenous hyaluronan restores the ability of the joint to produce its own hyaluronan and thus returns it to a state of homeostasis (i.e. stable condition) that persists for several months.*

Evidence exists suggesting that exogenous hyaluronan may slow the destruction of cartilage*. 

*References available upon request.