Clinical Benefit

Introduction of exogenous hyaluronan into the joint space immediately after arthroscopy decreases postoperative symptoms. Hyaluronan has been shown to accelerate joint recovery by reducing pain and swelling, and improving joint function.


Hyaluronan has also been shown to achieve symptomatic relief by reducing pain in the joint caused by pain mediators.5,34,35 

Exogenous hyaluronan reduces joint pain induced by pain mediators 5

In combination with arthroscopic surgery or lavage, hyaluronan is effective in:

  • reducing pain and improving joint mobility in patients with chronic joint derangement36-39

  • protecting the joint and facilitating surgery40

  • relieving postoperative pain of the knee joint.39


Exogenous hyaluronan reduces pain in patients with chronic joint derangement38

Hyaluronan improves painless range of movement (ROM) compared with standard procedure after arthroscopy39