Prevention of Dry Eye

What can you do yourself to keep your eyes healthy?

Here are some general ideas:

  • Drink sufficient amounts of water, particularly during times of stress and in old age
  • Spend plenty of time outside in fresh air
  • Avoid smoke-filled rooms
  • Get an air moisturiser when the central heating is on and the air indoors is too dry
  • Protect your eyes from draughts, wind and too much sun, perhaps by using goggles or sun glasses
  • Give your eyes time to rest and blink while working at a computer screen
  • In the evening, carefully remove all make-up from your eyes
  • Have your eyes checked regularly to ensure there are no serious underlying health issues, and to keep your prescription glasses or contact lenses up-to-date
  • Regularly clean and change your contact lenses
  • A healthy diet will be good for your eyes, too 

Sodium hyaluronate: an important component of a healthy tear film!

An eye lubricant may also be helpful. Solutions containing sodium hyaluronate can be particularly effective and are well tolerated. Sodium hyaluronate is an important component of healthy eyes. (Click here to read more about sodium hyaluronate). 

Ask your GP, optometrist, or ophthalmologist, whether you might suffer from a breakdown of the tear film, and what he/she might recommend to reduce your discomfort.

For more information about eye health please go to our "Patient Links" page which lists a number of organisations providing further advice and help.