Meniscal Injuries: How OSTENIL PLUS Can Help

If diagnosed in the early stages, meniscal injuries don’t necessarily require surgery. Where the damage is structurally superficial but causing pain or discomfort, patients may benefit from conservative treatments such as physiotherapy or intra-articular injections with Sodium Hyaluronate (Viscosupplementation Therapy).

But if you decide your patient may benefit from therapeutic Viscosupplementation – which product should you choose?

A recent clinical study compared the efficacy of 3 different viscosupplements in young and middle-aged patients with early-stage meniscal injuries¹. OSTENIL® PLUS was one of the viscosupplements used. 

Although there were statistically significant improvements in VAS and WOMAC scores across all groups compared with baseline, numeric and trend values favoured the OSTENIL® PLUS group overall. 

Other benefits associated with using OSTENIL® PLUS : A non-animal derived, optimal molecular weight, injectable Sodium Hyaluronate with Mannitol, no chemical cross linking - therefore not prone to inducing adverse reactions, licensed for use in all synovial joints, competitively priced at just £80 per syringe.

1 Dernek B, Kesiktas FN, Duymus TM, Diracoglu D, Aksoy C. Therapeutic efficacy of three hyaluronic acid formulations in young and middle-aged patients with early-stage meniscal injuries. Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 2017;29(7):1148-1153. doi:10.1589/jpts.29.1148.

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