Free OA Treatment in Ghana (2)

Patients in Ghana “very pleased” with donated Ostenil injections

In August 2016 we reported on a charitable organisation, Motec Life-UK, which provides educational, training, and health care services to underprivileged people of the West African continent. TRB Chemedica donated some free of charge OSTENIL® PLUS and OSTENIL® TENDON injections to Orthopaedic Surgeon and founding president of Motec Life-UK, Mr Paul Ofori-Atta, who frequently returns to his native Ghana to donate his time and skills to provide free treatment.

Two years on, Mr Ofori-Atta reports on his successes with the donated injections: 

“Patients are having good results from injections. Knee, shoulder, tendon inflammation and bursitis. About 4 out of 5 are very pleased with the first shot.  They say...
‘It took some weeks, but once it kicked in....relief at last’
‘Can I come again in case the pain recur?’
‘Can I continue to have this in place of operation?’
‘We thank the donors.’
So far no adverse reaction.”

To find out more about Motec Life-UK please visit their website: 

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