GB Swans Win European Championship

Successful GB Swans win European Championship

GB Swans, the Great Britain Women's Australian Rules Football Team, won the European Championship in London on Saturday, 20th August 2016. TRB Chemedica are proud to have been one of their sponsors for this event. 

The championship final can be watched on YouTube here: 

What is the "Australian Rules Football Squad"? 

The Bulldogs and the Swans are Great Britain’s Men’s and Women’s National Representative Australian Rules Football Teams. The GB Bulldogs are a well-established team and consistently perform to a high standard in the European Championships finishing 3rd (2010) and 2nd (2013 losing 45-44 to Ireland). The GB Bulldogs are currently ranked 11th in the World Rankings which are led by New Zealand, but have finished 6th (2002), 6th (2005), 9th (2008), 7th (2011), 9th (2014) in subsequent International Cups.
The GB Swans were co-founded in January 2016 with the aim of producing an 18-a-side team to compete the European Championships in London in August 2016 and at the International Cup in Melbourne in August 2017. The GB Swans have an unbeaten record coming 1st in both the Champions League in Amsterdam (2016) and the London Pre-Season Cup (2016). 


The GB Swans Twitter site:
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Here's a link to find out more on the championship event in August:

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