Chris Hackett: Achilles Surgery Prevented with Ostenil Tendon

Achilles surgery alternative prevented Wembley heartache - Chris Hackett

"Rigours of a football season throw up scenarios influenced by load. Success brings increased fixtures and intensity to playing squads.
Former pro player Chris Hackett (16-year career) had an injury-ravaged season because of an Achilles tendon problem. After facing the prospect of surgery, he was struggling to reach the end of the season. 
Tendinopathies have the uncanny knack of disrupting the best-laid plans for players and their clubs. At the top of the game, fatigue can be managed. Bigger pools of playing staff mean squad rotation can provide rest & recovery. Lower down the leagues this luxury isn't afforded to all."
Chris Hackett: "Without Ostenil, I wouldn't have been able to play at Wembley. With other procedures I would have been out for the season."
Read more about Chris Hackett's road to recovery and how he was able to return to play in the shortest possible time.

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