Tennis Elbow effectively treated with Hyaluronate

Lateral Epicondylitis Injection Therapy: A Safety and Efficacy Analysis of Hyaluronate versus Corticosteroid Injections

This study was published in 2015 by L Gorelick et al. and shows that " hyaluronate injection is a preferable alternative to steroid injections for the treatment of tennis elbow." 

The statement was made: "It is known that hyaluronate plays a significant role during development, wound healing and regeneration, has anti-inflammatory effects as well as the possibility that its presence will restore normal tissue function [17,18]. It enhances muscle progenitor cell recruitment as well as tendons and inhibits premature myotube fusion, implicating a role for this glycosaminoglycan in functional repair [19]."

Gorelick 2015 Lateral Epicondylitis Injection Therapy Study

The external study source is located here:

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