VISMED for Regular Symptoms

Sodium hyaluronate 0.18%, with proven efficacy


  • VISMED® has demonstrated better relief than saline in both intensity and frequency of symptoms in patients with moderate sensations of ocular dryness.1
  • A single drop of VISMED® increases break-up time (TBUT) of the prelens tear film for up to 4 hours in patients with sensations of ocular dryness due to contact lens wear.1  VISMED® demonstrated effectiveness in stabilizing the prelens tear film leading to improved comfort.
  • VISMED® relieves symptom intensity and frequency in patients with moderate ocular dryness.1
  • A single drop of VISMED® effectively increases tear film TBUT.1
VISMED® relieves symptom intensity and frequency
in patients with moderate ocular dryness
A single drop of VISMED® effectively increases
tear film TBUT1



  • VISMED® accelerates the healing of corneal abrasions. A study showed that VISMED® decreased lissamine green staining in patients with moderate symptoms of ocular dryness, demonstrating improved corneal and conjunctival protection compared with saline.1
  • VISMED® has been specially formulated to provide a low contact angle on the corneal surface, thus ensuring an effective coating of the cornea.

VISMED® accelerates the healing of corneal abrasions 

Angle of contact (α)


  • VISMED® does not contain preservatives that have been demonstrated to cause toxic or allergic reactions in some patients.2,3
  • Tear osmolarity in healthy eyes is ~300 mOsm/L. In patients with sensations of ocular dryness, tear osmolarity is typically as high as 340 mOsm/L and has been associated with damage to the corneal epithelium.4,5  VISMED® is formulated to be hypotonic (150 mOsm/L) and, therefore, rapidly counteracts tear hypertonicity experienced with sensations of ocular dryness. Click here for more information on the hypotonicity of VISMED® eye drops.
  • VISMED® contains similar concentrations of essential ions to those found in natural tears – calcium and magnesium are important in cell adhesion, cell junctions and cellular transport, and potassium contributes to the maintenance of corneal thickness.2,6
  • VISMED® patented formulations contain sufficient sodium citrate to maintain the phosphate and calcium ions in solution and therefore prevent corneal calcification due to precipitation of calcium phosphate.7
  • VISMED® is adjusted to a physiological pH of 7.3.

Product Details  

VISMED®  contains 0.18% sodium hyaluronate and is presented as lubricant eye drops in 2 ways:

  • boxes of 20 preservative-free, sterile single dose units, or
  • 10ml preservative-free multi-dose system

Click here for more details on VISMED® single dose units, and click here to read more about VISMED® MULTI.


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