VISMED GEL for Persistent Symptoms

Sodium hyaluronate 0.3%, a higher concentration for sustained effect in the relief of sensations of ocular dryness


  • VISMED® GEL provides increased relief from subjective symptoms of ocular dryness, in terms of peak effect and duration of action, compared with both saline (0.9% NaCl) and less viscous solutions of SH in patients with symptoms of moderate intensity.1

  • VISMED® GEL also demonstrated improvements in non-invasive break-up time (NIBUT) over saline and less concentrated solutions of SH due to its prolonged residence time, ensuring tear film integrity and stability over the eye surface.
VISMED® GEL improves symptom intensity more
effectively than saline22
VISMED® GEL lengthens tear film NIBUT more
effectively than saline2




  • A low contact angle provides greater coatability. The balance of molecular weight and concentration of SH in VISMED® GEL ensures that a low angle of contact is achieved on the corneal surface. Thus, VISMED® GEL spreads effectively over the surface of the cornea to provide a protective coating.

  • SH 0.3% has been shown to increase the thickness of the tear film more efficiently than buffer solution, offering increased protection from sensations of ocular dryness.3

0.3% SH protects from sensations of ocular dryness.
Adapted from Snibson et al. 19903


  • VISMED® GEL is preservative-free, avoiding potentially toxic or allergic reactions that have been associated with some preservative agents.1

  • VISMED® GEL is hypo-osmolar (150 mOsm/L) relative to natural tears, counteracting the hypertonicity associated with ocular dryness that has been implicated in ocular surface damage.4,5  Click here for more information on the hypotonicity of VISMED® eye drops.

  • VISMED® GEL’s unique patented formula combines SH with the essential ions found in natural tears that are required to maintain healthy corneal function.1,6

    Ion      Function    
    Cell adhesion, cell junctions and cellular transport     
    Potassium Maintenance of corneal thickness 
  • The pH of VISMED® GEL is adjusted to 7.3 – similar to that of the natural tear film.

Product Details

VISMED®  GEL contains 0.3% sodium hyaluronate and is presented as lubricant eye drops in 2 ways:

  • boxes of 20 preservative-free, sterile single dose units, or
  • 10ml preservative-free multi-dose syste

Click here for more details on VISMED® GEL single dose units, and click here to read more about VISMED® GEL MULTI.


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