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OSTENIL® Injections Help to Prolong the Professional Careers of Premier League and England Football Players 

With the help of Football 4 Football we have produced 3 brand-new videos on the positive effect OSTENIL® injections have had on the lives of professional football players. You can watch these on YouTube now by following the links below.

Danny Webber

Former football (soccer) pro, Danny Webber, tells how OSTENIL® injections into his knee after his meniscus operation helped him to recover, thereby adding another 10 years to his career. Danny played as a striker for Man Utd, Watford, Sheffield Utd and QPR up until 2016.

David Thompson

Former England and Premier League football (soccer) player, David Thompson, recounts how OSTENIL® injections helped alleviate pain and stiffness in his knee, ultimately prolonging his professional career.  He played as midfielder for Liverpool, Blackburn & England until 2007. He still has regular OSTENIL® injections now, keeping him playing in non-league games.

Peter Friar

Premier League Head of Medical & European Head Physio, Peter Friar,  considers OSTENIL® as “underused in a lot of areas”. He has “only ever seen a positive reaction to an OSTENIL® injection”. He further noticed that OSTENIL® injections actually help to prolong the career of professional players, and even finds it “crazy that we don’t offer it more often”.

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