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If you would like to speak to one of our representatives via virtual online consultation, on Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, or other platforms, then please click on the green button to the right and complete the enquiry form. 

You can also write to us on info@trbchemedica.co.uk with the following details:

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We will then set up a virtual consultation for you with a TRB Representatative in your area.

Ordering information:

Please read on for your options on how and where to order Ostenil.


To place an order please contact your usual wholesaler as most of our products will be available through them. If you are unsure which wholesalers are "authorised" suppliers please contact us for a list. Please also see the note further below on "Quality Assurance, Pack Identifiability, Unauthorised Suppliers".


If you wish to order direct from TRB Chemedica (UK) Ltd you can either:

  • Purchase online. Payment is via PayPal, or as a guest using your credit card. Just go to the Product Page (click on the Drop-Down Menu under "Products" at the top left in the navigation area), e.g. OSTENIL® PLUS, and click on the "Add to Basket" button. This should add the item to the Shopping Basket. If after that you click on the "Shopping Basket" icon at the top right you can then complete your order by following the instructions on the pages.

  • Set up a Credit Account with us. Please send us your order in writing via either:
    - Email to orders@trbchemedica.co.uk,
    - Fax to 0845 330 7557,
    - Post to our address below.
    We will then contact you again to request some information about you and also the prepayment for your first order.



Existing customers: When we send you our invoice by email we will include a link to the online application form which you can complete, and we will do the rest.

New customers: If you are a new customer and wish to order from us, we will send you a "Welcome" email with details on payment options which will also include a link to the online application form.


As the only manufacturer-appointed distributor of the OSTENIL® range products in the UK, we always maintain ample stocks for immediate dispatch. Typically, any orders placed before 1.00 pm on a working day will be delivered on the next working day. Orders placed over the weekend or bank holidays will be dispatched on the next possible working day for delivery the following working day. You can view a list of Bank Holidays and Office Closures here. Deliveries to the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, or the Irish Republic may take an extra day or two because of longer transit times.

We use UPS as our courier company. If you are having your order delivered to a residential address, then please note that if no one is available to sign for the parcel your order will be left at a nearby UPS Access Point for collection at your convenience. 

However, there may be delays due to reasons which are out of our control.

With this in mind, we recommend that customers only book appointments with patients once orders have been delivered. 

Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions of Sale which apply at all times.

Product Licensing, MDR Certification, UKCA Mark, MSDS, NHS Reimbursement, Prescribing License:

  • OSTENIL® injections are classed as a Class III medical device, not a Drug.
  • All genuine OSTENIL® intra-articular products as of March 2022 are compliant with the new MDR certification which applies to all TRB Chemedica intra-articular injections.
  • From July 2023, only genuine OSTENIL® range products delivered via closed logistic supply chain from our manufacturing plant to TRBUK will carry the UKCA mark, and this will render any Ostenil range products purchased from any other source illegitimate. 
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are not required. The issues provided in a MSDS are checked within the conformity assessment procedure.
  • All our products are currently CE-marked medical devices manufactured in the EU and in Switzerland, and are licensed for sale within the EU.
  • Most of our products are listed in the Drug Tariff, MIMS, C&D, and the BNF.
  • Extended Scope Physiotherapists and other clinicians who have had training in intra-articular injections don’t necessarily also need to have a prescribing license in order to administer viscosupplementation. 
    For OSTENIL® TENDON peritendinous injections, however, we recommend the use of ultrasound equipment to ensure correct placement of the hyaluronan close to the affected tendon and thus the best possible treatment outcome. 


Quality Assurance, Pack Identifiability, Unauthorised Suppliers

At TRB Chemedica UK we continuously review our stringent safety procedures, as well as our transportation and storage standards. We must therefore advise customers purchasing any of the OSTENIL® products from internet-based sales companies offering TRB Chemedica proprietary products (primarily OSTENIL® and OSTENIL® PLUS) at heavily discounted prices, that TRB Chemedica UK cannot offer any provenance or quality assurance in relation to the authenticity, quality, safety, or efficacy of these products. Neither can we attest to the accuracy regarding the batch numbers, use by date, manufacturing integrity, storage, or transportation conditions of any TRB Chemedica products purchased from a non-accredited third-party re-seller, nor can we accept any liability arising from their use within the UK.

As of June 2019, new measures have come into effect to safeguard against counterfeit OSTENIL® range products being sold in the UK. New packaging livery on all genuine OSTENIL® and OSTENIL® PLUS injections, featuring the UK flag for easy pack identifiability, will ensure our customers purchase only verified and quality assured products. In addition, the English-only pack insert with “Instructions for Use” or SPC, reduces the possibility of counterfeit suppliers “passing off” their wares – which usually include multi-language instruction sheets - as genuine.

Further Information:

For any products not stocked by our authorised wholesalers, or for any problems or questions, please find our contact details below:

9 Evolution
Lymedale Business Park
Hooters Hall Road

Tel 0845 330 7556
Fax 0845 330 7557
General enquiries: info@trbchemedica.co.uk
Orders: orders@trbchemedica.co.uk